Open Outreach:

Simple and flexible websites

Our service

With our automated Open Outreach service, you can focus on creating the content that is important to you and your community.


We provide you tools and ensure your website works and remains up to date:

  • Automated install
  • Fully automated security updates
  • Full configuration access
  • Daily backups

Open Outreach

The Open Outreach distribution allows small nonprofits and grassroots movements to quickly and easily create a dynamic organizational website.

Open Outreach includes:

  • An events calendar with repeating date functionality
  • Blog content type with an associated author bio
  • Interactive mapping tools
  • A contact management system
  • A rotating slideshow for the homepage
  • Responsive design for mobile devices

Find out more on the official community website

Praxis Labs Coop

At Praxis Labs, we are commited to Free/Libre software. All our services rely on fully free software to which we contribute directly. In fact, many of them are even developed by us.


Since we specialize in Drupal development, we can also provide you additional services to further customize your website or help you if you need additional support.